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Wooden Flooring

We have an extensive choice of high quality real wood floors all covered by manufacturers guarantees from 5 to 25 years. Superior quality at great prices! All our floors are available on a supply only basis or fully fitted (within our local areas).

There are many colour choices available, from light, fresh looking maples and beeches, to warm rustic oaks and tropical dark woods. Examples of our real wood floors can be found.

Our wood floors are all engineered planks, consisting of two backing layers below the coated solid wood to aid the natural expansion and contraction of the wood in response to atmospheric changes.

When it comes to fitting, we recommend that conjoining areas are done at the same time, as we cannot guarantee a colour match at a later stage. Batch differences are normal and are due to the natural qualities and variances of the wood.

Taking care of your Wood Floors

Rooms fitted with wood floors should be kept at average temperature to keep them in the best condition.

Ideally, your wood floor should be swept regularly to remove any dirt or grit. A slightly damp mop can be used to clean the planks, however excessive amounts of water should never be used. Any spills should be wiped up without delay with a damp cloth.

Cleaners designed especially for wood floors are ideal and are available from us, please feel free to ask at any point of your wood fitting.

To avoid scratching, we recommend using good quality entrance mats and floor protectors or felt pads for the pressure points on furniture. High heels can also damage wood floors and so sensible footwear is advised.
High traffic areas susceptable to wear may benefit from rugs, however these are not essential.

When it comes to pets, we suggest water bowls designed to avoid spills and whilst scratching from claws may be minimal, laminate floors can sometimes be the the best suited alternative.

Whilst real wood floors are more susceptible to scratches and dents than laminates, this is due to their natural qualities and can become part of their charm. They are a sensible option for the long term and can be sanded every few years or so as with original floorboards, depending on your choice and the manufacturer's guarantee.

Examples of Wood Flooring

Please note this is only a selection of our range. If you are after something in particular, please contact us.


Our most popular type of wood flooring, oak is available in single plank or three strip designs at a very competitive rate.

3 Strip Rustic Oak

3 Strip Oak

Single Plank Rustic Oak

Single Plank Oak



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