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Wallpaper is now widely used as wall decor style. Various motifs and color wallpapers are offered to make your interior atmosphere is more “alive”. Choose the best according to you and adjust the interior condition of your home because if you choose the wrong, the wallpaper will not be easy because it would cost quite expensive to remove or replace it.

We have some botanical wallpaper that will enrich your idea to choose the best. They appear with a picture of beautiful flowers, leaves, twigs and plants on the end result creates a dynamic pattern composition. Try to be brave experiment that can produce a taste as a designer, a truly unique and character. Make major changes to your home interior with decorating wallpaper botanical.

Aptera painted wallpapers are quite unique as they are produced using our own environmentally friendly water based paints and traditional manufacturing methods. Our patterned wallpapers are block printed and our stripes and stries are trough printed. Colours and textures carefully selected to strike you looking to do a home makeover, building your own home or simply looking for interior inspiration. Our wallpapers offer elegant designs featuring alongside graphic and futuristic patterns, classic strips and romantic flowers.

Each wallpaper design has a unique texture which is achieved by using a hand brushing technique to apply the ‘ground’ colour. This, coupled with the application of the pattern or stripe using another layer of paint, creates wallpaper of great distinction and beauty.

With our wallpaper everything is possible - the only limitation is your imagination!



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